meet a CSA member: Allison

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Why did join the Owl's Nest Farm CSA? I've always been interested in the ways I can support alternatives to the industrial food system, though for a while as an organizer I thought I was too busy to commit to the cooking that having a CSA would require of me. The half share ended up being a perfect fit! I get enough vegetables to keep me cooking over the course of a two week period without being too overwhelming, and I'm so glad to have so many more fresh nutritious veggies in my diet.

What was your favorite fruit, veggie, and/or herb from CSA this year? Dragon's Lingerie beans! I found a great recipe with tofu that made for great dinner or lunches. Getting string beans that are so fresh and delicious has allowed me to finally forget the overcooked bland cafeteria beans of our childhood.

I also love having salad greens around! I rarely buy them from the store because I'd found myself so uninspired by a basic green salad, but I ended up learning new dressings and really enjoying snacking on salad much more than I would have thought.

What tips do you have for folks who might be trying a CSA for the first time?

Consider the half-share! I am not skilled enough at cooking and meal planning to turn fresh veggies into a meal every single night, but getting it every other week meant I had more time to plan it out. I really enjoyed finding new recipes and cooking old favorites based on what was in the share.