Should i get a full share or a half share?

If you've never been a CSA member before, we recommend starting with a half share or for Market CSA members, a small share. 

If you eat lots of vegetables, have 3+ veggie eaters in your household, and/or if food preservation is your thing, try the full share (or jumbo share for Market CSA members).

See sample shares from our 2018 season here.

I travel a lot. What happens if I miss a week? Can I switch weeks?

Two options that are great for frequent travelers are the half share option and the Market CSA option. 

The Market CSA option is super flexible, so you can just stop by the market whenever you are in town! 

Half shareholders pick up every other week, and we share a weekly schedule with you at the beginning of the season. If you're traveling, just let us know 48 hours in advance (or more if possible!) of your pickup and we can switch your pickup week.

Or, if you travel a lot during the summer, you can also just sign up for our spring and fall seasons. 

The location and timeframe for my CSA pickup were very convenient and the options were always clear.
— 2018 CSA member


I'm afraid it'll be too much food. What do I do?

Let's be real: CSAs aren't for everyone. If you don't like to cook or if the only vegetables you like are carrots and potatoes, then probably a CSA isn't right for you.

But we hear the too much food concern pretty often, and that's why we offer the half share and Market CSA options. We also offer recipes and storage tips each week to help you make the most of your CSA.

The quantity of food was just about right and I could share any extra bounty with neighbors, too.
— 2018 CSA member


I don't like turnips. Are you going to make me eat turnips?

With the Market CSA option, you can select whatever you want from our market stand, so you never have to take home a vegetable you don't like.

With our other CSA option, members get 7-10 items each week, and there's usually a choice for 2-4 of those items, so often you can avoid vegetables you're not as excited about.

That said, one of the joys of joining a CSA is that you get to try new things and get creative in the kitchen. We pretty much guarantee there will be vegetables in your share that you've never heard of or that you're not that into. While we don't expect all our members will enjoy all vegetables, we often hear members say "I didn't like (insert offensive vegetable here) before and now I love it!" or "I had never tried (insert weird vegetable here) and now it's my favorite!"


What if i'm stuck at work and running late? What if i forget to pick up my share? 

If you're running late, your best bet is to text your pickup site host and work something out. (We'll give you the phone number for the Owl's Nest teammate who hosts your pickup at the beginning of the season.) Depending on the timeframe, we might still be around packing up or we might be able to pack a share and leave it at your site. 

If you forget to pick up your share, let us know by email asap. We reserve the right to simply donate your share, but we can *sometimes* arrange for you to pick it up from the farm or from our stand at the Petworth Market on Saturday mornings, or if you're half shareholder, switch your pickup week.