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Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a relationship between customers and producers in which everyone shares the risks and rewards of farming. CSA customers are shareholders who pay in advance for a portion, or share, of foods that will be harvested throughout the season.


Why Join?

  • The food is the freshest. You’ll taste the freshness in your foods because you’ll pick up most crops within 24 hours of harvest.

  • Diverse diets are healthy diets. As a CSA member, you’ll discover new vegetable varieties and receive tips and recipes on how to prepare them.

  • Know your farmer. You'll actually see your farmer face-to-face every week at your CSA pickup.

  • Eat seasonally. You’ll taste the changing seasons and learn when various vegetables thrive in our local climate.

  • Your food is actually local. Owl’s Nest Farm is less than fifteen miles from D.C.

  • Support local agriculture. Your membership helps keep this business and way of life viable, so that there can be good-food farms and pleasant green patches of earth for generations to come.

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Is a CSA right for me?

A CSA membership with Owl’s Nest Farm is a great choice if you...

  • Like to cook: Our shares are ideal for folks who cook 2-4 nights each week.

  • Eat vegetables (or would like to eat more!): Owl's Nest CSA shares are perfect for folks who enjoy plant-based meals.

  • Are an adventurous eater: A CSA will introduce you to vegetables you can't find in the grocery store. If you like trying new foods, a CSA is a great choice.

  • Give a damn about where your food comes from: Would you rather support a small local business than an big corporate food conglomerate? Your CSA purchase means your food dollar will a big impact in your community.

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I was looking to eat healthier and force myself to cook more. It worked!
— 2018 CSA member