meet a CSA member: melissa and dave


Why do you love Owl's Nest?

We love Owl's Nest Farm because it's so accessible--both in proximity to DC, and how Liz really makes an effort to answer all of our questions about the veggies and the farm (and we have a lot of questions!). Being able to go to the farm and volunteer, and knowing that some of the seeds we planted might end up on our dinner table someday makes everything taste even better.

Share your favorite recipe.

No-Cook Tomato Sauce. Perfect for using your tomatoes the day you get them. It's so simple that we were skeptical about how good it could be, but it is delicious--it really tastes like summer. It's one of our go-to meals when it's too hot to cook.

What new vegetables did you try in 2017?

We really enjoyed making "kohl-slaw-bi" (kohlrabi slaw) with the kohlrabi we got in our CSA in 2017. It's a crazy looking vegetable but it has a great crunch and is a great addition to lots of recipes! It's further proof that you shouldn't be scared of trying greens or veggies with which you aren't familiar.

What tips do you have for folks who might be trying a CSA for the first time?

Before the season starts, identify some staple recipes that you can repurpose for lots of different vegetables. For us, those are stir-fries, fritattas, and pestos. You can make them throughout the season with almost any combination of vegetables you get from your CSA pick-up that week. In the past couple years we've discovered you can make pesto with most greens and herbs (carrot top pesto is one of our favorites), and pesto freezes well so you can continue enjoying the CSA long after the season has ended.