What I'm making for Thanksgiving from my Owl's Nest Farm CSA haul

by Owl's Nest Farm Market CSA member Denise Graveline

I just finished my Thanksgiving shopping at Whole Foods, where I got my local turkey; lots of fruit; baking ingredients; dairy; and a loaf of bread. What I didn't get: Vegetables. That's because I have a fridge, freezer, and countertop loaded with vegetables from Owl's Nest Farm CSA, and I'm going to be using up some of my CSA vegetables for Thanksgiving. I'm especially thankful this year that we have a big feast scheduled right after the last farmers market.

Here's what I'm using from the CSA and the recipes I'm using:

  • Rosemary: I'm tempted to toss aside my normal orange-bourbon turkey recipe, tried and true, for this orange rosemary roasted turkey, because Owl's Nest rosemary is one of my favorite purchases--and this recipe has it right, the house will smell amazing. I'm also going to make ice cream, and this recipe for strawberry-rosemary-balsamic vinegar ice cream also benefits from the farm rosemary, which is infused in the cream to add flavor.
  • Sweet potatoes: New on my holiday table this year will be Bobby Flay's maple-chipotle sweet potatoes. Overnight guests also will get sweet potatoes in this spicy hash, made with sweet potatoes, black beans, and eggs, all on a sheet pan.
  • Potatoes and turnips: A simple potato gratin was on my list, because I have a pile of potatoes from the farm, but I may get fancier and make scalloped potatoes, and layer in some purple-top turnips and caramelized onions.
  • Spinach and greens: I never liked creamed spinach until I tried Laurie Colwin's recipe for creamed spinach, which has a kick from a small amount of jalapeno. Guests ask for seconds and thirds, so I'm making a bigger batch this year. (Colwin got the recipe from a woman in Texas, and wrote, "It was so good it made me want to sit up and beg like a dog.") You can use any kind of tender cooked greens in this, so it works if you've got farm tatsoi, chard, spinach, and more. Spinach can be difficult to grow, but the farm's late-harvest spinach did well and is perfect for this dish.
  • Green tomatoes: I love the green tomatoes, so I've made this Indian-inspired green tomato and apple chutney, which will be part of the spread of cheeses, meats, breads, and fruit we'll be snacking on while the turkey cooks.
  • Squash: For an easy lunch during the holiday weekend, I'm looking to these squash toasts with ricotta and cider vinegar. I've already roasted some of the great winter squash from the farm and set it aside for this purpose.

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving is filled with farm bounty, family, and friends.