why join a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a relationship between customers and producers in which everyone shares the risks and rewards of farming. CSA customers are shareholders who pay in advance for a portion, or share, of foods that will be harvested throughout the season.


why join a CSA?

  • The food is fresh! You’ll taste the freshness in your foods because you’ll pick up most crops within 24 hours of harvest.
  • You know exactly how your food is produced. If you have questions about soil fertility, nutrient management, pest control, weed control, or other growing practices, just ask - we love talking about it.
  • Diverse diets are healthy diets! As a CSA member, you’ll discover new vegetable varieties and receive tips and recipes on how to prepare them.
  • Eat seasonally. You’ll taste the changing seasons and learn when various vegetables thrive in our local climate.
  • Eat locally. Owl’s Nest Farm is in Prince George’s County, MD. We are less than fifteen miles from the US Capitol building and less than thirty miles from each CSA pickup location. That means we use less fuel to get from field to your face, and the vitamins, minerals, and - best of all - flavor in the food haven't had time to break down. Vegetables traveling to you from farther away take more resources to get there and arrive in poorer shape.
  • Support local agriculture! By buying vegetables before they’re harvested, you’re sharing the risks and rewards of small scale, ecologically sustainable farming. Your membership helps keep this business and way of life viable, so that there can be good-food farms and pleasant green patches of earth for generations to come.

what are the benefits for farmers?

  • We get to know the people who eat our food. We like food - and farming - a lot! It’s a treat for us to see our CSA members over the course of a season and talk with you about food, farming, and your CSA experience.
  • We build community! We have customers who accept the uncertainties of farming. We want your CSA share to be a great value and a great experience. We’ll do everything we can to ensure an abundant share for you. However, when crop yields are low, we know you’ll be understanding.
  • So many vegetables, so little time! We’ll keep you interested in your share each week by growing lots of vegetables, in lots of varieties. We find new favorite varieties every season.
  • We have a positive impact on our communities. Our growing practices and our foods support a healthy planet and healthy people.
  • We have income before the harvest season starts! This enables us to buy seeds, tools, and other essential items for the upcoming growing season.


is a csa membership right for me?

A CSA membership with Owl’s Nest Farm is a great choice if you...

  • Eat vegetables and like to cook,
  • Want to eat more chemical-free, whole, nutritious food,
  • Enjoy trying new foods, and
  • Want to support a small local farm.

want more information?

Email farmers[at]owls-nest-farm[dot]com with questions. we'd love to hear from you!

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